Jar tickets are considered a type of pull tab but are constructed differently. They are sometimes called "paper" tickets because they are constructed of paper that is folded, wrapped with a band and then glued.

Jar tickets are much smaller than Popp-Opens® pull tabs and do not allow enough room to list the prizes, so a flare or point of sale promotion piece accompanies the tickets. This flare describes the game and denotes the winning payouts.

The organization sells one bag of 380 tickets at a time and for each bag of tickets, there is a predetermined number of hold tickets, some instant win prizes and a seal card prize.

The Arrow jar tickets manufacturing process ensures the utmost in ticket security by using:

  • An Optigraph ticket blocker, a multi-colored pattern to prevent "see-through" peeking
  • Banding with "Wide Band" material to provide extra security

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