Coinboards add more variety and excitement to your bingo games!

A coinboard game is a style of pull tab game. Like any regular deal of pull tabs it has a predetermined ticket count and a definite payout and profit. A coinboard can come in either an "all instant win" format or a seal card format. It is played just like any other instant or seal card pull tab game with some differences:

  • The flare is much larger, thicker and heavier than usual, and actually contains real silver and/or gold coins embedded in it.
  • Some winning tickets contain color-coded numbers that correspond to the coins, indicating that the player wins them.
  • Coin winners also win additional cash prizes, which are all predetermined and clearly indicated on the flare. However, the specific amount that any particular coin wins is only revealed when the coin is removed from the board, which adds to excitement and suspense of the game.
  • Some coinboards also feature merchandise prizes in addition to cash payouts, as instant wins and/or seal prizes.
  • In order to provide the widest variety of play styles and prizes, most coinboards use "generic" color-coded numeral based pull tabs, and therefore they do not have the Cash Payout® or Win Guard® features. Players and operators refer to the flare itself to determine the specific value of each winning ticket.

Advantages of a coinboard game:

  • The oversized and flashy board easily attracts player attention and generates interest.
  • The silver coins and merchandise prizes often draw players who normally don't play pull tabs, and often get regular pull tab players to buy more.
  • Coinboards can help make your location a more interesting and enjoyable place to which players will want to return!