Sunrise Paper


  • High quality paper in a variety of collations
  • Most economical price
  • Available in 24V4 and 36S6 masters for a wide variety of cut selections
  • PLAYER PREFERRED® Available in 36,001-45,000 series (36S6 master)
  • Every number appears at least once and often four or more times on all 9S3 sheets
  • Choose from borders, tints and solid papers
  • Actual face size: 4" H x 4" W
Sunrise Series Sunrise Colors Sunrise Series 2

Sunrise Quick Dab™ Pattern Papers

  • Add some patterns to the mix!
  • These Quick Dab papers can be collated into your Sunrise books for special games
  • Available only in the colors shown below
Sunrise Quick Dab Paper Sunries Quick Dab Series